Cloud Production

Efficiency of People & Hardware

Centralized & Remote production is one of the newest workflows in live broadcasting. The advancement of high bandwidth connectivity has unlocked new possibilities in how you can go LIVE, while increasing the utilization of operators and equipment.

When Is At-Home Production Right For Me?


Location, size, quality, volume, and versatility are components that need to be uncovered when speccing out any LIVE event. MTVG has over a dozen control room units that can go LIVE over 3,000 miles away from the on-site event. This is only one of many ways we help you spec out your live event. Below are a few more in our wheelhouse.

On-Site Cloud Production

A control room on-site with selectable resources on demand to scale your production up or down as needed.

At-Home Production

Known as the most traditional at home technique – Send the cameras back to an MTVG control room unit located anywhere, or your own control room to go LIVE.

At-Home Control

The most powerful Centralized Production technique allows for unlimited cameras, super-slomotion, and resources. Utilizing an MTVG control room unit located anywhere (or your own control room), connected to the on-site engineering unit, gives you full control without any production sacrifices.