• MTVG Launches

    4K Mobile Unit

    The all-new 53’ expando will be capable of sports and entertainment productions with up to fourteen 4K cameras.

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    events each year

    MTVG provides mobile unit services to the leading regional & national networks for thousands of televised events coast-to-coast.

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    MTVG's clients praise our engineers, coordinators, & drivers as the best in the industry with outstanding technical proficiency & dedication.


53’ Expando with 53’ Visitor Mobile Unit (B Units)

53’ Dual-feed capable Expandos with Visitor Audio Trailer (DATs)

53’ Dual-feed capable Expandos with Visitor Audio in Tractor

48’ Dual-feed capable Expando with Visitor Mobile Units

53' Expandos

48' Expandos

40’ Expando with Uplink & Generator on tractor

32’ Expando on 40’ one-piece truck


Established in 1994, Mobile TV Group is celebrating its 20th anniversary with continued dedication to technological innovation, customer service, maintenance, and competitive pricing.

The company was initially launched as Mountain Mobile TV (in Colorado), then added Lone Star mobile (in Texas), Western Mobile TV, and eventually combined operations into Mobile TV Group (MTVG). It is privately owned.

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Since the beginning the primary focus of the company has been on regional sports production. Starting with just the Denver Nuggets, MTVG now provides mobile unit services to the networks that telecast the games of about 50% of all NBA, NHL, and MLB teams. In recent years MTVG has added an increasing number of national events, college sports and some entertainment events, totaling over 4,000 events annually.

With 27 high definition mobile units (plus “B” units, Audio trailers, etc.), MTVG is able to base its facilities, engineers, and drivers all over the U.S. effectively providing local service to the regional networks and to visiting national networks. In addition, MTVG employs event coordinators and assigns them to regional networks to give them consistent and one-stop service. The combination of engineers, event coordinators, and drivers creates very effective regional teams.

In 2003 MTVG launched the “dual feed” concept which made it possible to do both home and visitor high definition productions from a single mobile unit. This approach has evolved to a “side-by-side dual feed” where home and visitors work in separate trailers, but from a central set of electronics.

As a result, the company can provide both home and visitor the same low rate for each side, but with space and facilities equivalent to two state-of-the-art mobile units. Every year, MTVG is adding two more of these “side-by-side duals” so that eventually it will be the standard for all regions.

MTVG adheres to a set of strongly enforced principles: First among these is integrity, ethics, and fairness. We combine these with the old-fashioned “customer-is-always-right” approach. And with respect to its mobile units, we have a no-deferred maintenance policy. If something breaks or fails we will repair or replace it by the next event – regardless of cost. We urge our customers, employees, and vendors to let us know if we don’t live up to any of these policies.



Work Among The Best

Working at MTVG gives you a career and a community. Our employees are the passionate ones, the ones that are about getting the job done right. Excellent benefits, open culture, and organic structure are just the bonuses. MTVG is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

We currently have openings for the following positions:

  • Invoice Specialist – For more details, click here.
  • Training Program (Coming Spring of 2015)
Launch Your Career

We are proud of our comprehensive training program that offers hands on training to become part of the best team of mobile engineers in the world.

  • You will be trained in each of these areas:
    • Engineering
    • Truck Integration
    • Maintenance

For more information on applying, potential locations, and expected pay, click HERE for PDF with all the details. Applications for the Summer 2015 program will open in late spring.

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MTVG Launches 4K Mobile Unit

Mobile TV Group (MTVG) announces the company will launch the first 4K/UHD mobile production unit in North America in 2015 and will demonstrate the work-in-progress at the National Association of Broadcasters convention this April.   The all-new 53’ expando will be capable of sports and entertainment productions with up to fourteen 4K cameras.   By making it practical to produce in 4K, this will be a major boost for the delivery of live 4K content to the home.

“The time has come for a true 4K mobile unit and the technology we need to build it is now available, or will be by mid-2015,” said Philip Garvin, Co-Owner and GM of MTVG, one of the two largest mobile unit facilities companies. “Walk into any electronics retailer and you’ll see 4K sets everywhere and at least one of the major distributors (MVPD) has announced that it will be offering 4K to its subscribers next year.  Our new truck will help to fill those screens with stunning images.”

MTVG cites the development of the 4K/UHD 2/3” Grass Valley camera (previewed at the IBC convention) as the major breakthrough enabling 4K live sports production.   Unlike previous 4K cameras that were developed primarily for entertainment production, MTVG found that the Grass Valley 4K 2/3”imager camera operates the same as current mobile unit production cameras.  It accepts B4 mount long zoom lenses without converters, has excellent light sensitivity necessary for night games and inside venues, and provides the depth of field required to keep players in focus during action close-ups –– all while producing outstanding image quality.

MTVG tested the new camera extensively last month including a side-by-side comparison of live 4K vs. regular high definition images on large consumer TVs in a retail store.   The consensus of the observers was that on 65” and larger TVs, the difference was striking, including improved resolution and a generally more pleasing and life-like picture.

In development since last May, the first 4K mobile unit will be ready for its first production in mid-to-late 2015, and MTVG is accepting bookings now.  Potential users will be able to tour the unit at the Gerling booth of the NAB outdoor exhibits.

MTVG, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, is no stranger to breakthrough technological advances.  It was the first to convert its fleet to all-HD (starting in 2003), the first to adapt super slo-mo cameras, and Garvin was the first to build an all-HD cable/satellite network (HDNet).    A related company, Colorado Studios, has been building mobile units since 1994 and operates a full-time construction & integration facility in Denver, Colorado.

In addition to the cameras, other equipment on the mobile unit will include a Grass Valley K-Frame/Kayenne 4K switcher, a Calrec Artemis mixer, and Kaleido multiviewers.  A networked-configured Dyno/K2 4K replay system will be demonstrated on the truck at NAB.   The trailer chassis was built by Gerling & Associates and finished and integrated by Colorado Studios.

During the first half of 2015, MTVG will be testing higher resolution large lenses, HD to 4K up/down-converters, one-wire cabling, graphics, and other gear vital to 4K workflow.  The mobile unit and the NAB exhibit will include several large 4K displays and MTVG is looking for an appropriate TV manufacturer partner for these.   There will also be a 53’ B-unit available for larger productions and dual feeds.

Garvin added that, “At MTVG we consider it to be our job to introduce new technology that will arm our clients with the innovations and workflow to give the fans at home the best viewing experience.  It’s natural for us to be spearheading the next production format.  With this and future 4K trucks we will make it routine to produce in 4K as well as HD.”

Mobile TV Group purchases 18 Grass Valley LDX XtremeSpeed cameras

Since last March, Mobile TV Group has purchased 18 Grass Valley LDX XtremeSpeed Super Slow Motion cameras. The cameras operate at 6 times speed and can playback at up to 11 times on the Grass Dyno/K2 server.  This system is rapidly becoming the standard for SSMO.  It offers instant playback, smooth ramping from regular speed to SSMO, and the ability to correct for lighting flicker. MTVG has deployed two of the super-slo-mo cameras on nine mobile units throughout the fleet. The XtremeSpeed cameras will match the rest of the Grass Valley cameras perfectly, giving the production team the ability to cut live to the XtremeSpeed with confidence.