Edge Series

High-quality at Low Cost

MTVG Edge embraces the benefits of edge computing, the distributed cloud computing architecture made to maximize speed, reliability, and efficiency. 

How It Works

Combining cloud and edge computing puts the necessary equipment on-site for instant data needs versus sending them all the way to the cloud. MTVG Edge is hypermobile and can be shipped quickly around the country, while also granting access to MTVG’s flagship remote production solution, Cloud Control™. 

MTVG Edge can be operated on-site or remotely with one to four operators fulfilling the roles of technical director, replay, graphics, mixer and shader. This proprietary workflow dramatically reduces cost. The only items needed on-site are cameras and the 25 inch by 25 inch MTVG Edge system. Edge computing and software-defined technologies are providing enterprises around the world with the ability to transform workflows – now high-quality live production teams can take advantage as well.

MTVG Edge strongly favors software over hardware and runs on general purpose computers.  It also favors automation over traditional operations and is married to Cloud Control for creative processes. These features means that MTVG Edge will develop and grow as new software and more powerful computers become available. It is truly scalable.

MTVG Edge will be offered to customers with great flexibility in terms of single use, monthly, and even annual contracts including some self-service options.

Don McKinney, VP of Edge

Seven-time Emmy Award-winning director in four different categories and producer of over 850 events per year

MTVG Edge delivers MTVG’s high-quality live production solutions at a much lower cost for small and mid-size productions, anywhere, with a minimal onsite equipment footprint.


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