About Us

From The Beginning

Mobile TV Group was founded in 1993 in Denver, Colorado when Phil Garvin launched a single mobile TV unit for the Denver Nuggets NBA team.

Since our inception, we’ve grown to become leaders in live TV production, technology innovation, customer service, and maintenance. We help produce over 4,000 live events each year, covering professional and collegiate sports, live music, entertainment, eSports, and business events.

Our team of engineers and drivers are based across the U.S. for effective local services. We serve anyone going “live” including regional and national networks, streamers and broadcasters, rock stars, and corporate PR/HR professionals. Your dedicated event coordinator is there for you before, during, and after your live event, redefining “one-stop service.” This unique blend of subject matter experts and customer success managers helps us create lifelong partnerships with our clients.

We Are Colleagues, Friends, And Family

We go to work ready to take the day, and leave knowing we gave it all we had. While we work hard, we play hard too.


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Mobile TV Group Milestones


2003: Launched Dual Feed 

Currently, the side-by-side dual feed allows home and visitors to work from a central set of electronics but in separate trailers. This innovation has saved our clients over 100 million dollars.

emmy nomination

2014: First 4K Mobile Unit

The first 4K-equipped mobile unit in the country was launched by Mobile TV Group, paving the way for ultra-high definition broadcasting for live events. 

red carpet event

2017: Emmy Nomination

MTVG, together with DirecTV, was nominated for an Emmy for the first live broadcast of a 4K/UHD/HDR event in the United States.

2019: Best in Show at NAB

The National Association of Broadcasters awarded MobileTV Group with “Best in Show” for our 45 FLEX end-to-end IP mobile unit.