Cloud Control

Efficiency of People & Hardware

MTVG developed Cloud Control to give you complete control of your production from anywhere, without impacting production quality. Distributed control and distributed hardware allow for limitless productions.

When Is Cloud Control Right For Me?

Location, size, quality, volume, and versatility are components that need to be uncovered when speccing out any LIVE event. Regardless, MTVG’s Cloud Control can allow you to go LIVE over 3,000 miles away from the on-site event without making any production sacrifices, and maintaining your complete production staff.

This new approach involves remoting people & control using only multi-viewers, intercom, and control data, and NOT sending camera feeds back. Unlike previous “at home” systems which limit the number of cameras and replay, require multi-million dollar control rooms at the network, and require more bandwidth. Cloud Control can be achieved in a standard office space with a 250-500mb circuit to the mobile unit at the venue.

Cloud Control can be used to produce multiple feeds of live games – including World Feeds, Home shows, and Visitor shows – all with just 3-4 personnel per feed in the mobile units.  Using Mobile TV Group’s dual feed mobile units (an A and B unit), up to three feeds are possible without additional mobile unit footprint.

Mike Connelly, EVP, Sinclair/Fox Sports RSN's

"This changes the sports broadcasting industry.”

Control From Anywhere.

Distributed Control unlocks the ability to have the people you need, from anywhere.

Equipment From Everywhere.

Distributed Hardware combines mobile unit resources with our private cloud, public cloud, and point to point systems to scale your production up or down.