crew working sports broadcast

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Basic Content

Nearly every module starts with the same consistent intro options. You can make the background white, off-white, or dark blue. Then there is room for a title (Basic Content), this larger intro content, and a nice button (as seen below). Everything is optional and will only display if you’ve entered something, so you shouldn’t be able to break anything and it should be pretty flexible and useful.

You can stop here and just have those bits of content (it is called Basic for a reason). But this module also allows you to enter several columns of additional content.

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Column 1

This column has an image, a title, and another nice WYSIWYG for whatever additional content you need.

Column 2

And when you have multiple columns, they’ll display nicely and…columnarly.

Again, all the content is optional, so if you don’t add an image you’ll have nice tight titles and content, or if you don’t need a title that’s cool too. Everything is whatever, you know?

Basic Content (again)

Just wanted to leave this here to say that if you choose a blue background color, the text will all be white and do the right thing automatically. Probably best to use the blue sparingly because it’s pretty attention-grabbing, but in moderation it should give you a nice punchy effect to some important content.

Back and Forth

This module will automatically alternate some rows of content into nice looking boxes. It expects you to have an image and some corresponding content, and then it lays everything out how it ought to be without any manual work on your part.

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Title 1

The content side consists of a Title, a WYSIWYG for flexibly adding some formatted content if need be, and then a button.

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Title 2

Check it out! The order is reversed and the page flows in this nice alternating visual manner. Cool.

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camera on baseball field

Title 3

If there’s a whole bunch of content, the image will center. If there’s a tiny amount of content, it will still do the right thing. You’re welcome.

sound board in mobile unit

Full Width Image

Man that’s a big image.

Note that we’re assuming you want to show the whole image since that’s the name and focus of this module, so be mindful of cropping and try to upload something fairly wide. You can also control the color of this little box.

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Image Grid

This module is pretending to be a monitor wall and will adapt to layouts between three and nine photos.

  • Click any small image to view it here.
  • inside mobile unit
  • camera on baseball field

Trust Bar

This will display your partner logos. It can try to grayscale them for you so you don’t have to be picky, but in case you want them to be colorful that’s just a checkbox away.

Ideally, you’ll upload SVGs here, but you can upload a mix of whatever you have and it’ll do the best it can with them.