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Mobile TV Group Announces Emmy Nomination

MTVG, together with DirecTV, has been nominated for an Emmy for the first live broadcast of a 4K/UHD/HDR event in the United States.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Chairman, Chuck Dages, said “The 39th Sports Emmy Awards encompassed a record-setting number of entries across multiple categories, and the level of quality continues to show the growth and seemingly unlimited potential of what is available for the sports-viewing audience.”

“When you go and sit in a stadium that experience, what your eyes are able to take in, is completely different than even what the best HD and 4K televisions have been in the past,” stated Dale Canino, MTVG Director of Technology, and he went on to say, “now with the high dynamic range you’re able to see things like your eyes see them inside the stadium, you’re able to see both the lightest and darkest portions of the image at the same time, which is a more natural viewing experience.”

“39FLEX is one of the most technologically advanced mobile units in today’s marketplace,” according to MTVG President and CEO Philip Garvin, “and with the extensive UHD and HDR projects completed by 39FLEX over the last 18 months our EIC team of Philip Blucas and Carl Osterlund are truly one of the most experienced on UHD/HDR/HD live and live to tape workflows and solutions. This is a very exciting milestone for MTVG and DirecTV and we’re excited about this Emmy nomination and looking forward to potentially adding this prestigious award to our collection.”

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