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Highlighting MTVG Women in Live Broadcast

Women are often underrepresented in live broadcast production, yet are valuable members of our team. For Women’s History Month we’d like to highlight a few females and their experiences at Mobile TV Group. We hope by sharing these perspectives, we can inspire more women to get involved in this industry.


Sandy Collinson
Event Coordinator

How important is it to encourage more women to pursue careers in live broadcast/technology?

Giving women opportunities in this field will result in creative solutions and bring greater potential for new innovations. Having a daughter, daughter-in-law and a granddaughter, I personally would like to know that our industry can be impacted by their strengths and by the talent they bring. Our world depends on strong technical skills and the importance of encouraging women in STEM learning, benefits all of us locally and globally.  It’s the day and age where women can be proud of using their minds and embrace pursuing technology. The broadcast industry has seen tremendous growth and has been impacted by what women have accomplished to further TV. The importance of encouraging our youth/girls in this direction is immeasurable!   









Cheryl Hasenmayer
Event Coordinator

What’s an accomplishment that stands out in your career?

An accomplishment that stands out in my career is that I earned a Sports Emmy as a member of the Technical Team for “NASCAR on FOX.” The award was as part of our operations department for Outstanding Technical Team – Remote. What’s especially memorable to me is that I was a first-time mother during the year this award covered. The job at the time included frequent travel, and through teamwork both at home and in the office I never felt like any part of my life was affected in a negative way – personally or professionally – and I’m proud of that.








Deanna Plaggemeyer
Mobile Unit Transporter

What made you passionate about this industry and working with MTVG? 

I have worked in the entertainment industry, focused on live concerts and events, for 25+years. I decided to join Mobile TV Group because I wanted a change of pace, and to spend more time at home with my family. I loved the opportunity that MTVG presented to me to help grow the business. Being in the entertainment industry has opened up many doors for me to work for aspirational people I have always dreamed of working with. It is of the utmost importance to encourage more women to pursue careers in live broadcast/technology. It is of the utmost importance to encourage women to reach for the stars, to explore different options and amazing opportunities offered in the broadcasting industry. I believe working in the live broadcast industry can provide opportunities that most dream of having.